Hey Bike Lovers!
June has been a fun month for us and it's not over yet! We've expanded our bike dancing family and perfected some of our routines (including our first born).  We had the pleasure of performing our revisions and our favorites (Bad Romance) a couple weekends ago, before the WNBR, at Schubas Bike Bash! Our newbie, Mississippi, did a cameo debuting in Stray Cat Strut. See below to catch how darling and awesome she is!
July is going to be a quiet month for us. We all love biking and the outdoors so much that quite a few of the ladies will be out on great adventures. Don't be sad though, look for us on July 16th. Tour De Fat during the day time hours! We'll keep you on your toes by not disclosing our 'sneak attack' location in the midnight hours. Look forward to seeing all the members in action together and the debut of our newest dancycler, Minor Threat.
'Til next month!



06/21/2011 01:53

ha! okay, blah blah blah me talking. but yes I'm workign on that. glad I got to see you guys perform it was awesome! And I was so proud of miss monspoke jus sayin

07/10/2011 23:46

Fool‘s haste is no speed.


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