The precursor to fall was an exciting and busy time for us. We celebrated our 1 year birthday by throwing an Alley Cat Ride for cyclists to explore Chicago and hunt for some meaningful places to the Racketeers. A few of the Greasy Gears from Madison, WI even came down to join in the fun with some of their local friends. Ladies, you rock! Greasy, greasy, gears, gears!!! 
The ride and after party was a great success; we owe so much of it to you, our sponsors, everyone who helped out behind the scenes, and at the event.  We cannot express our gratitude to everyone enough. We feel so loved and supported by those who participated in the ride and attended our after party. Thank you from the bottom of our red and white hearts.
We had some really great "Racketeer inspired outfits" in the crowd, just can't get enough Red and White. Riders your enthusiasm was through the roof and we enjoyed performing our new routine for you.
If you have not had the pleasure of seeing the results of the ride or fun pictures please click here.

We also had the pleasure of participating and enjoying Bike Fall benefiting West Town Bikes. The weather was perfect for everyone to play outside and enjoy everything bikes. Check out the video below.
Thank you to Susan Hayes for sharing this great video of us.  We'll show it off to everyone! :)

The rest of the month was well needed rest time for us and we'll start practices back up in the middle of November, right before the snow falls.