Hey ya'll! It has been one maddening summer. We have been spending the season camping, going out of town, RAGBRAI and watching each other get married (actually, just Bruiser). We've barely been able to perform. But, the new found chill in the air indicates a new season with all new activites. And one of those many activites we engage in to keep ourselves warm involves jumping around with our bikes in a choreographed manner - a little thing known as bike dance (instead Kool-Aid man saying "OhhhhhhYeeeeeaah" here).  As I said, we have been bombarded with stuff to do this summer (and we're not complaining). But, we bitches haven't known whether we were coming or going. Luckily, we've gotten that under control and now know exactly where we are going:

On September 15, the ladies of Critical Lass are allowing us to crash their all female ride with a performance!  We'll be at the Agazzi school at 7:00! But, you should meet these chicks at the corner of Ashland Division and Milwaukee at 6:30!

Also, on October 8, we will be performing at the legendary Hideout for a West Town Bikes fundraiser.  Come on out and show your love for the bike shop that provides the classes showing you how to "do it".

But, most importantly and not to be missed is the almighty, first annual RIDE THE RACK ALLEY CAT AND AFTER-PARTY! Come celebrate our first birthday on October 1 with an alley cat race and the all important beer swilling after party! There will be various stops throughout the ride. Each one will carry with it some importance to us, whether it be where we first came up with the idea of bringing bike dance to Chicago over beers or where we often practiced over beers. You have heard our chant, no?  There will be some amazing prizes for the fastest bikers and some amazing prizes for the not-so-fastest biker. And guess what! There's cool shit for y'all in between! And hey, if you don't feel like riding, come on out and celebrate with us at the after party! And, maybe we'll even perform...ok, ok, we will!

Love and shit,
Boom Boom