As part of the ever growing Chicago bike movement, I want to take a moment say I'm amazed with the generosity and creativity of y'all! Today a random biker named James (bonus points if you tell us your real name!) sent us the most adorable video of Critical Mass routine pics. Totally unnecessary and extremely thoughtful - thanks, James!

This is in addition to the multitude of good hearted and natured activities our bike friends do. The upcoming Memorial Day Bike Wash (bonus points if you get dirty beforehand!) and the TYK calendar are two great examples of bike-themed initiatives for charity. 

I'm tearing up just thinking of the big hearts you all have in the city of big shoulders. Keep spreadin' the lovin' - We love you all!

Happy Shiny Day! Finally 80 degrees... perfect weather to get excited about all the possibilities the summer may hold for us. We've been busy busy bees the past few months getting our pedals wet on the dance floor debuting our routines for Chicago. We've been blessed and welcomed at a handful of great bike events in the past three months; Bike Winter Cycle Swap, Portland based Bike Porn, the closing of Bike Winters Art Show, Aprils Critical Mass and a half-time show for Chicago Ladies Rugby Football. So, we gave our bodies a break at practice this week to discuss our focus for the rest of the spring and summer. We came up with some great to-do lists and a couple "fun-raising" projects, which we will announce in the near future when the details are nailed down. One of the topics in our meeting was having a 'Blog' on our web-page to enable feedback from others and to communicate in more detail what it is we are doing. We are in GO mode and are really excited where 'Chicago's Dance Bike Movement' is headed. We want to thank everyone who has made it possible for us get this up and moving thus far, you all know who you are. We are forever grateful! Hope you all enjoy and look forward to a great warm weather season with you!
Bike Love,
Drill Seargent