There is no doubt this month - the heat was ON! The soaring temperatures matched our high spirits as we tackled one of our busiest bike dance days. On July 16th, we performed twice in one day and both performances showcased our two newest dancers and tricksters, Minor Threat and Mississippi. The epic day began with an early performance at Tour De Fat. We kick started the festival, building the energy, before a performance by Mucca Pazza and the bike parade through our favorite hoods.  We continued our day volunteering for TdF handing out wristbands, tokens, and tasty New Belgium Brews. As the sun set, our weary heads were far from resting as we prepared for a surprise red-eye performance at Midnight Marauders. The clock read 3:30AM as we kicked, flipped, and bunny hopped the second time that day, while handing out red Jell-O shots for our biking spectators. We thank all who attended both events and showed the Racketeers their support! 

The rest of the month and all of August, we will be taking time off from performing to focus on new creations. Fire hydrants and 360’s here we come!!! This is a great time for anyone who is interested in joining to contacts us and check things out. If you're lucky, you may be able to spot us practicing in our corner parking lot ;) 

Amidst our regular practice schedule, we are hammering out the details for the Racketeers' One Year Birthday Party to be held Saturday, October 1st 2011. We're gearing up to host an Alley Cat and After-party to celebrate and meet new people in the Chicago bicycling community. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for details! Also, keep an eye out for Racketeer buttons and handmade bike key chains at our next event.

A HUGE thanks to Alex Wilson and Liz Clarkson at West Town Bikes for their support at Tour de Fat, as well as, Michael Craft and Matt Kowal from New Belgium for giving us the opportunity to perform. It was an honor to shake a tail-feather at such an exciting and publicized event. We look forward to next year's traveling bike festival!

Big hugs and hive fives to our special friends in the MM counsel. You guys are great and the rides are epic!!! Thanks for sharing that with us this month

Thanks y'all! 

Catch you on the flipside,

Mississippi and Red, White, & Cute



06/25/2012 02:34

You turned the audience to think of the bikes differently. It would be great if you posted a video of your performance too. I'm sure the show was a success. Keep it up!


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